IPAAM continues to promote the message of “Goodwill” toward mankind through music. Our goal is to make an impact in communities through providing music and educational projects that are intended to heal and inspire individuals. 

IPAAM is the first institute of its kind and continues to maintain that distinction. Through concerts, workshops, community outreach and education, we present and maintain a standard of excellence in musical settings. We encourage and promote musicianship and creativity to interested and talented youth. We continue to reach this goal by empowering persons to experience the physical and emotional effects of this strong and moving art form called “Music”.

IPAAM is a 501c3 non-profit agency and the sponsoring lead organization of the Intermezzo Choir Ministry. This well known choir has always been known for its talented professional voices. 

IPAAM Presents Intermezzo Choir Ministry Performances

Intermezzo Choir Ministry has always been the feature group of IPAAM to deliver quality Black History programs. Since 2019 live performances have been suspended due to the Covid restrictions of audience capacity. However, Intermezzo continues to prepare for its performance that chronicles the historical eras from the 1600’s to present day. Intermezzo and musicians have always been known to deliver exciting programs for audiences to understand African American history.

Rationale for using the Arts Approach for raising awareness of the African-American Culture

Application of the arts integration or teaching through the arts is grounded research that concludes that the arts correlate with success in other academic domains. Students demonstrate deeper conceptual understanding and retention. Using performance arts to teach has a significant impact on disciplines and has been shown to increase academic performance thus positive self image. This research correlation between the performing arts and its impact on cognitive development supports the need for exposure to the arts when wanting students to comprehend and retain ideas. Through exposure to one’s cultural art forms individuals have opportunities to deepen the understanding of who they are and the connection with their own culture as well as with other culture groups. Integration of the arts is critical in preparing well rounded and well prepared learners who have the self-esteem to potentially become positive leaders within their communities.

Board Members

Joy Griffin, President  

Jackie Crawford, Secretary

William T. Lipscomb, Jr. Treasurer