WHO IS Intermezzo Choir Ministry?

The Intermezzo Choir Ministry was created by the late Dr. Verolga Nix in order to present her uniquely arranged compositions that have a multi-cultural appeal. This distinguished group has always been noted for its talented professional voices. Intermezzo has performed at many prestigious events that include the inaugural ceremony and program for former Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell and the opening of major Philadelphia sporting events. Also noteworthy, is the choir’s participation in the annual Slave Wreathing event at the Washington, D.C. Mt. Vernon Estate for the Historical Daughters of the Revolution.  Intermezzo has performed live television programs and also recorded four CD’s that are Verolga Nix’s arrangements of anthems, patriotic songs, Gospel, Negro Spirituals and other types of music. The choir has toured Europe delivering exciting programs that enlightened its audiences of the African American experience in America.

Verolga Nix passed away in December 2014. The IPAAM Board Members restructured and decided to reunite the Intermezzo Choir to maintain her musical legacy of over 200 songs. Intermezzo continues to deliver quality musical presentations throughout the Philadelphia tri-state area.  In the midst of the dreadful circumstances of 2020,  Intermezzo created a video of Dr. Verolga’s song, “If My People,” which delivered a beautiful scriptural response to the fear and pain of the pandemic.

Currently, Carrie Lessene is the director of the Intermezzo Choir Ministry.. 

Who are we?

Known formerly as The Foundation for the Preservation of African American Music, IPAAM, The Institute for the Preservation of African American Music was founded in 1990. This was the organization that Dr. Nix wanted to shelter her creative works. It was bought into being as the first of its kind, focus and mission. From its inception, IPAAM has hosted and sponsored all of the creative content and components of the Intermezzo Choir Ministry.

Realizing the Vision

Dr. Verolga Nix utilized her expertise as a musician to create music and train the voices that she personally chose, to sing the music that she composed. The choir’s primary purpose was to present and keep alive the heritage of African American spirituals and this genres’ contribution to the world.

Dr. Nix strongly felt that her musical abilities were indeed, God-given. She gave freely of her talent. Each performance, each act, each presentation; she considered as a ministry. She was committed to her ministry and to her gift and service to God through the Intermezzo Choir Ministry.